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Wherever the Spirit leads...

Do you find church difficult? Have you experienced past trauma in your place of worship, or just struggle to find your place within the theology you were raised? Many of us have found ourselves in a spiritual wilderness, no longer fitting in with the churches and traditions that raised us. But that doesn't mean we're ready to leave it all behind. We still want to find our faith in a way that makes sense, even if that requires a journey through deconstruction and deep questioning.

Open Vespers is an online service designed with this specifically in mind. Each week we explore a different aspect of faith in a way that's meant to let you explore yours in greater depth. We pray, read Scripture, ask hard questions, and practice spiritual disciplines. Each element is designed to allow you to find your faith in a safe environment, lead by the Spirit and supported by the community.

The service is entirely online and will be available in podcast version next Spring. Each service is about 20 minutes long and hosted on YouTube live every Thursday at 6:30pm.

We are fully affirming of all our LGBTQIA+ siblings within this space. Pastor Betsy Stewart-Dooley is unapologetic in her affirmation of all people as children of God, made worthy of God's love by the very act of God's choice to love and create us.

Come as you are, from wherever you, and be freed to go wherever the Spirit leads you.

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