Goodrich Chronologically Gifted

Because life is too much fun!

GCG is a community of friendship

Commonly referred to as GCG, the Goodrich Chronologically Gifted are a fellowship of our 55 and older congregants. And we know how to have fun! We meet twice a month for fellowship and fun, go on regular outings together, such as seeing a show, and help raise funds for various ministry projects. We love living life together as friends and supporting one another through all our ups and downs. 

GCG Gatherings

Second Tuesday of the Month @ 11:30am

Bring your lunch and join us in the gym! Or, if the weather is nice, we'll gather outside. We'll eat together and play a few games. 

Fourth Tuesday of the Month @ 1:30pm

Meet us for lunch at
Golden Corral
123 N Interstate Dr
Norman, OK

A Fellowship that serves

We love to give back and pay it forward

We collect a small due every month (which we waive for anyone who is unable to pay), and use these funds to support various ministry projects and needs of the church. We believe that our fellowship is made better by the opportunity to build the kingdom of God together.

Interested in joining gcg?

You're welcome to just show up! But if you'd rather drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you.