Amazing Grace

Lent Through the Hymns

The staff and congregation of Goodrich Memorial has written a daily devotional for Lent. You may pick up a printed copy from the church office, or download the PDF below. We pray it blesses you in your Lenten journey. 

Lent & Holy Week Schedule

Feb 22 (Ash Wednesday @ 7pm) -Endless Refills
Feb 26 -Grace in the Wilderness
March 5-Grace for the World
March 12 -Grace for our Past
March 19 -Grace in Unbelief
March 26 -Grace in Grief
April 2 (Palm Sunday) - Unexpected Grace
April 6 (Maundy Thursday @ 6:30pm) - Grace in Low Places
April 7 (Good Friday @ 6:30pm) -  Jesus Loves Me This I know
April 8 - Community Easter Egg Hunt @ Tull Park
April 9 (EASTER) - Grace in an Empty Tomb