Youth Activity Room

A Place for relationships - $4,000

With a pool table, foosball table, and board games, the youth activity room is where the youth spend their time on Sunday Evenings. We watch and discuss movies on the 50” TV in this room, building fellowship and relationships.  There’s also a refrigerator and freezer in this room available for anyone who wants to help provide the youth with food on Sundays or during Youth Lock-ins and activities.

During the UMW Women’s Bazaar, multiple vendors use this room – it is home to the Christmas booth as well as a safe place to use as a dressing room. UMW Bazaar Vendors also use this room for storage. On Thursdays, COACH uses this room as a Study Hall. Lastly, the closet in the Youth Activity Room houses the AV equipment for the gym for anyone to use.

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