How to Join

How do I become a member?

Why Church Membership?

Are you considering becoming a member of Goodrich?  Why should you even consider formal membership when you already feel so at home with the people and the life of this congregation?

How Do I Become a Member of Goodrich?

First, make an appointment to speak with the pastor about your intentions.  You can call the church office, (405) 321-0975, or you can send a private email to  

Second, come forward during the final hymn of any service to indicate your desire to become a member.  In a brief service of introduction, the pastor will announce your intentions and you will indicate your willingness to join the people called Goodrich.  You don't have to make any speeches--you simply take membership vows and the cogregation makes a vow to renew their commitment to Christ and their own membership vows.

Who Can Become a Member of Goodrich?

Anyone who takes baptismal vows may join Goodrich.  We do not re-baptize anyone who has been baptized by a Christian church.