Adventures in being Church

Join us for our new series: Adventures in being Church! We're taking a journey through the Book of Acts as we examine how we, Goodrich Memorial, are being church. It's not just who we are, but who God is leading us to be. Just as discipleship can never be static, so must the church continue to grow in mission and vision. 

It's been quite the year, and we've come a very long way through the pandemic. We are so thankful for the Spirit's leadership and guidance as we navigated it together. As we begin to emerge from it, new opportunities to share and embody the Gospel of Christ are on the horizon. We are stepping out into a new adventure as the people of God. There are ministries we've never tried and people we've never had the opportunity to reach... until now. 

Join us on this adventure as we explore where the Spirit may be leading us next!

Sunday Services at:

9am - in the parking lot

11am - in the sanctuary and online